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The third edition of the lucky book on the Italian UNESCO world heritage sites. Touring Editore

La terza edizione del fortunato volume sui siti italiani Unesco patrimonio dell'umanitĂ . Touring Editore
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The book "The Immobavle Tribe" goes to CANON DAY in Rome

Il libro “Il Popolo Immobile” va al CANON DAY di Roma
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The book "Popolo immobile" goes to LA NUVOLA in Rome

Presentation of the book during the PiĂą Libri PiĂą Liberi Festival.

Il libro “Popolo immobile” va a LA NUVOLA di Roma
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The Book "The Immovable Tribe" goes to the MUSE of Trento

Thursday 3 October the Muse of Trento, as part of the soiree “click di sera”, invited Roberto Isotti to talk about Mediterranean Forests and Conservation Photography.

Il libro “Popolo immobile” va al MUSE di Trento
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"The immovable Tribe" book presentation, in Pineto Pescara

From the mountains to the sea... After the beautiful evening of yesterday, today (29 August 2019) we presented our new book in Pineto , the nice Adriatic-coastwise village of Pineto

Presentazione de “Il Popolo Immobile” a Pineto Pescara
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The first step of the small Abruzzo tour of the “The Immovable Tribe "

It is always a great pleasure for us to stop in Pescasseroli in the PNALM, although for a brief stop. The emotion is double then if the occasion is to present our new book “The immovable Tribe”

Inizia il breve tour abruzzese di “Il Popolo Immobile”
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New book: The Immovable Tribe, the last mediterranean forests

We are super happy to announce that “The Immovable Tribe”, our new book, is finally out. “The Immovable Tribe, the last mediterranean forests"; The volume,through unique images, tell the long and fascinating story of the Mediterranean forests and the fight for their preservation.

il Volume: Il Popolo Immobile, le ultime foreste del Mediterraneo
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We are pleased to announce the publication of our book "Dama", dedicated to fallow deer and supported by the Italian Science Accademy

Siamo lieti di annunciare la pubblicazione del nostro volume
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After the sold out of the first edition, the second edition of the book “Italy World Heritage” is out, it included the 51° Italia Heritage site, “Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalú and Monreale”

Dopo il sold out della prima edizione à in libreria la seconda edizione del volume
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Italy, World Heritage. Presentation of the book to the Chamber of Deputies

Italia, patrimonio dell'Umanità. Presentazione del volume alla Camera dei Deputati
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The book on the 50 Italian Unesco heritage sites – 2015 published by “Touring Editore”
Il libro di Touring sui 50 siti italiani patrimonio dell’umanitŕ dell’Unesco – 2015
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Apollo Butterfly for IUCN – 2015

Our image as a symbol of 50th years of conservation by IUCN

La farfalla Apollo per la IUCN – 2015
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The book Castelporziano, a story in pictures - 2015

The book on Castelporziano, one of the last forest last in the Mediterranean basin (See the web page)

Il Libro Castelporziano, un racconto per immagini - 2015
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National Award of Scientific Divulging, 2014

Finalist at the award with Apennine Brown Bear Book

Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica, 2014
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The Carsa Editore’s book on the Apennine Brown Bear – 2014

Biology, ecology, habitat description, conservation issues, research activities and photographic solutions on the first photographic book on this species
(See the web page)

Il libro di Carsa sull’Orso marsicano – 2014
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CITES manual, Serbia - 2011

The images of Roberto and Alberto to print a CITES manual on the control of the trade of wild species

Manuale CITES, Serbia - 2011
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The book of Touring Edition “The wonders of Earth Planet” – 2011

Photos, stories and paints to introduce to the young people to the diversity of the planet and to the responsibility of humans in its conservation
(See the web page)

Il volume di Touring “Le meraviglie del Pianeta Terra” – 2011
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