Beside any rhetoric, Italy’s huge cultural heritage is the true key to coming out from the critical historic period it is going through. From where can Italy start promoting its “great beauty”? One possible route could be by giving International exposure to the sites chosen to be included in the Unesco List of World Heritage. Italy, with fifty places distributed across almost all its regions, has the highest number in the world, an extraordinary world record. The images that have been selected in this book are the product of many years’ work that have taken Roberto Isotti and Alberto Cambone the length and breadth of Italy, in pursuit of that special moment of light and emotion for the perfect pic. The final selection of the book, suitably entitled Land of Marvels, the evocative story of each individual site, is entrusted to Fulco Pratesi, architect, environmentalist and impassioned lover of beauty, to highlight its peculiarities and universal value. The challenges is to offer fresh insight into places about whish everything seems to have already been said; places that here, page by page, never stop to spark emotions and a sense of enchanted.

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