Between the water and the forest there is a strong relationship. The woods need water, essential element for life, but also the water needs the forest. It picks up, stores, filter and redistributes water getting an important role in the natural cycle of this element.

Castelporziano, real shell of precious and delicate biodiversity, is ready to open itself in front of the astonished look of the visitor. The invertebrates that populate the big grasslands, the birds hidden in the deep of the trees, the owls or the little mammals that move only at night and more others exceptional creatures, rare and elusive.

To take the real essence of a place is necessary get a relationship with it, know every corner, every inhabitant, every occasional guest, during every season and with every weather condition. The shady nooks, where the sun rays filtered from the forest, preserve the true essence of Castelporziano, so opulent to be able to surprise you at each meeting.

On the other side, in the open places the 360 degree view opens new opportunities. The sky is unexpectedly full of a flight of birds; the grassland is crossed by the movements of its little guests; on the border of the glade the deer shows itself even if for few moments; a tit rejoices a branch became dry; the look of a rare Corsican hare fills the sight. From the natural scenes of grasslands, dunes and wetlands continuous details emerge: is life that runs under our eyes.

“Castelporziano - Ultima foresta del Mediterraneo”

Publisher: Pandion (Dicembre 2014)

Photography: Roberto Isotti, Alberto Cambone

Text: Fulco Pratesi, Aleandro Tinelli, Alberto Fanfani, Roberto Isotti

Size 30 x 22 cm, Hardcover with dust jacket

144 colour pages

Printed on FSC Matt Coated Paper 130 gr

Texts in Italian

ISBN 978-88-89578-29-2

Price: 19 euro (plus shipment costs)

The Honey Buzzard is one of the most elusive inhabitants of Castelporziano
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