Xixuau xiparinà
Amazon Connection of river and humanity

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"Amazonia" Association works to improve rainforest conservation, through local community involvement. The project aims to sustain local community, inside a primeval forest area of around 200thousand acres through sustainable tourism and other low impact activities.

The economic flow, coming from responsible tourism activities, guarantees the access to new technology (solar panels, etc.), school and medical services. The Indios work allows environmental conservation and hospitality for tourists. The collaboration with our photographers is useful for communication activities, very important for a continuous participation in tourism, and to improve the new web site of the Association ... read more

We are in the state of Roraima, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, along the Rio Jauaperi. Here in the middle of virgin forest, at the junction of the Rio Branco and the Rio Negro, there is a community of Indians Caboclos, who in collaboration with some Italian friends and an eccentric English gentleman, created the Xixuau Xipariną: an association born to save a piece of the Amazon rainforest. The community has always lived in the shadow of the big trees, according to local traditions, but today is supported also thanks to sustainable tourism; The project has created a medical facility that permitted to actually eradicate the malaria disease, endemic in this area, to open a school and to provide access to advanced courses in English and computer for local people. "Projects such as this represent an hope for the future of our planet, providing life to local communities, while preserving the culture and the environment in which the community lives, without impoverishing the resources." Says Emanuela, an Italian woman one member of the community of Xixuau xipariną .