a country a thousand landscapes

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Venezuela is a country of extraordinary richness in intact landscapes and biodiversity. Kaleidoscope of animal and vegetable life, extreme land of Latin American, it reflects itself in the Caribbean Sea at north and places its remote branches in the big Amazon forest at south...... read more

Los Roques Park: The 42 islands of this archipelago, all of them protected areas, do Los Roques the biggest park of Carrabin sea. The beaches of white and untouched sand, the crystalline waters and the coral reef that round each island are the characteristics of this "authentic Carrabin" place, but Los Roques is even more… Once upon a time it was the refugee of pirates; today the beaches and the sea protected by human invasion are the home of one of the most surprising marine faunas of all over the world. Gran Sabana: The big Venezuelan grasslands are a place wide and rich in unexpected encounters. The huge territories, covered by a fat and spiny grass, hide hundreds of waterfalls that broke the monotonic of landscape and offer to the travelers a game of water and light always new and astonishing. At the horizon emerge magnificent Tepuis, secret reserves of Vegetable and animal species unique in the world. Canaima National Park: It is known all over the word for the Salto Angel, the highest waterfall in the world. Canaima is a magnificent land that lies at the foot of mysterious Tepuis. Water is once again the protagonist of this landscape. Rio Carrao’s impetuous water goes through the green forest, house of hundreds of different species of birds among them stands the colorful cock of the rock. The Orinoco Delta: True paradise of biodiversity the Orinoco delta is house of outstanding diversity and provides refuge to numerous endemic and threatened species. It is one of the more precious gems of all Venezuelan natural heritages. Boating by one of the Warao traditional canoe you can have the privilege to live an extraordinary travel adventure in the middle of the animal life that since thousand years flows together with the river’s water.