A Macabre Dance
Dancing Bears

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An Italian chirurgical team give back dignity to dancing Bear, animals forced by violence to dance at the paly of violin. Subjected to cruel training for years, they have today recognized their right to a live without tortures, but could never have back their freedom. In Belitsa was required the work of an Italian veterinarians team of Sivas Zoo Society. Their surgical and dental operations are able to improve “dancing bears” life quality, reducing their pains or removing its causes. The “dancing bears” are an ancient practice of Balcanic Areas, included Russia, Turkey and Greece. The bears “dance” during street-show to obtain money. the bears move while violins are playing it looks like them are dancing. The “dance” is a conditioned reflex: the bears (since they were babies) have been put on red-hot iron plate under the sound of violins, so that they would move their feet trying to avoid the terrible pain. Today Bulgarian Laws forbid detention of bears, except for adult animals officially registered. The last “dancing bears “are ransomed and sheltered in the “Dancing Bears Park” in Belitsa, made by Vier Pfoten International.