A common Heritage
Our Place, Unesco partner for photos collection

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A common Heritage Our Place –Unesco partner for photos collection Alberto and Roberto started up collaboration with "Our place", the organization managing the photographic documentation of World Heritage sites by UNESCO. World Heritage Sites are now more than one thousand. Distributed in 5 continents, are selected for their cultural and natural value. UNESCO is committed to preserving the integrity and protects the beauty of the sites to pass it on to future generations. We are particularly proud of our gallery on Sangha Trinational Park. Our Place selected photos by Alberto and Roberto to accompany visitors of the site through a visual journey in Sangha Trinational Park. The park is located in the basin of the Congo River on the border of three countries: Congo, the Central African Republic and Cameroon...... read more

It’s a forest area of strategic importance for the Conservation of Western Lowland Gorillas, African Forest Elephant and Afrormosia (one of the most endangered tree species in Africa). Its trans-boundary nature makes it also a park of a symbolic value for the protection of the environment around the African continent, which, according to the researchers, can be achieved only by adopting common strategies among neighboring country and recognizing the principle of "one nature without borders”. The park became part of the UNESCO world heritage site in 2012, is the land of BaAka: even according to UNESCO, respect for the traditions and rights of these local people and their involvement in the management of the park is an essential element of an effective conservation strategy for "Sangha Trinational Park”.