Land Suomi
22 shades of white

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The land Suomi, even with its extreme temperatures, welcomes guests with the warmness of the fire burning in each one of its beautiful red houses that have become a model of international desing. Paradise for nature photographers thanks to a astonishingly various and abundant wildlife, Finland preserves an essential and hypnotic landscape that, in spite of those who find it monotonous, enchants for harmony and symmetry... ... read more

Despite the "white lie" that has now been contradicted, looking at these photos of winter landscapes of north Finland, it is not hard to understand why is born the myth of 22 different words used by the Inuit for say snow. The charm of the white, which surrounds the lands of great north during the long winter months, smooths the silhouettes and enhances the details, projecting these places in another dimension only apparently motionless. The snow builds up on the branches change the scenery every day, the low sun draws long shadows on the snow cover, creating a kaleidoscope of light and shade. The White color gives us the perfect set for animals living in the far north. As sprites emerging from the background: bears, chickadees, owls and wolves. A world once again only apparently empty is filled with small and large presences, North souls who have learned to live with the white and recognizing every nuance of it. Then, when the season changes, the early signs are soon evident. On surfaces the ice takes every day a new shades ... at first white, then yellow finally black ... until rips of deep blue are opened. What was a solid mass becomes more fluid every day till to reveal the immense amount of water that sleeps under the ice surface. Now the 200,000 lakes, that makes the land of Suomi, are back to light.