The beach can wait
Zanzibar archipelago. Tanzania

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This small archipelago has a thousand stories to tell: happy stories full of smells of spices, ancient music, women dressed in colorful cloths, of endemic animals such as the amazing red colobus or the bush baby the elf that are revealed only at night, and sad stories of violence, slavery, war and looting. Zanzibar is a place still not deprived of its fascination despite the constant invasion of tourists, but to discover it you need to skip for a moment the temptation to lie down on one of the white beaches or dive into the blue sea and... ... read more

cross the large decorated doors that represent one of the treasures of the island; explore the shady courtyards, the schools full of children in uniform, the offices full of austere officials; the squares where men stop for a tea or to play Bao; visit the market in Stone Town and finally stop and enjoy a skewer to Forodhani gardens, looking at the sea, the real protagonist of Zanzibar together with its people, despite all the advices for prudence repeated by web sites for tourists.