Italy world heritage.
The 53 Italian UNESCO sites

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Beyond rhetoric, the great cultural heritage of Italy is the real key to get out from the crisis that the country is going through. Where start to to tell the "great beauty" of Italy? One of the possible ways is to emphasize international sites chosen by UNESCO to be part of the list of world Heritage sites. 50 sites, thanks to whom, Italy is at the top of the list of countries that contribute to the beauty of our planet . ... (read more) ... read more

The first site to go in the list was the Valcamonica in 1975, the last “The Langhe”in 2014. During this time the list was enriched with new wonders from the north and the south, some very famous others nearly unknown, the result of work of man and nature. The images of our project are the product of 50 mini expeditions that have taken him around the length and breadth of Italy. The vision that they return is far from the “postcard” that a collection of this type could have produced. The challenge was, in fact, to offer an original look also for the places where everything seemed to have been said, places that at an attentive eye never cease to offer new points of view.