France, among nature and castles

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In the Loire Valley, in search of the perfect castle In the Loire Valley the architectural beauty merges with the landscape, giving life to a land rich in charm and splendor. Along the river the visitor encounter an incredible number of castles and aristocratic estates, silhouetted against the horizon like a dream in the mist. The succession of fortresses, gardens and historic mansions makes the Loire Valley a unique place to travel through history and legend. Brittany, land of strong emotions Traveling from the Loire Valley to Brittany means passing from a charming, sunny place to one that is wilder and more intense. Brittany is a land of frontier and conquest. Dolmens and menhirs mark the territory and testify to the presence of humans since ancient times. You will find the old stones scattered in the wild. Nature will surprise you with the unexpected colors of the windswept moorland and with the small islands, which dot the dark blue sea and are refuge of millions of sea birds.