ending, but for how long?
The last glaciers of the Alps

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The great mass of perennial ice that surrounds the top of the highest mountains is an essential part of the alpine landscape. It gives to the chains a majestic charm, full of magic and mystery. It attracts, irresistibly, the fan of an authentic and unspoiled nature. The glaciers of the Alps are over 5,000 and cover an area of about 3.00 square kilometers. Switzerland is home to almost 50% of the glaciers in the Alps, Italy about a quarter. But for how long we will enjoy this wonder? Alpine ice monitoring reveals data becoming, year by year, more worrying. Over the last 10 years, in the area of Trentino, for example, at the bottom of the valley there has been an increase in the average temperature equals to 0.7 ... read more

This heating increases progressively as you go up in altitude, making the situation even more alarming for glaciers. As a result of heating the big glaciers fragments into smaller ones becoming more fragile and sensitive to climate changes. Some studies recently released by the WWF revealed that the Italian glaciers could "be extinct" by 2100. Glaciers are extreme places where life is not possible, but as well as being very sensitive indicators that enable us to measure temperature changes on our planet, are a valuable reservoir of fresh water for humans and the entire ecosystem. The images of Roberto and Alberto support the campaign of WWF Italy to raise the attention on the climate change consequences on Alps ecosystem.