Where everything started

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The African Savannah: an evergreen that maintains unaltered its charm for tourists and travelers, a journey through time and space through the parks of Tanzania, from the Serengeti to Ngoro Ngoro, from Arusha to Tarangire onto the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A new vison of one of the most classic routes of nature photography, in the lands where the man left its first footprint.

The Masai People from the dawn of humankind

Near sources of the Nile on the shores of Lake Victoria, living hundreds tribes. One of them. The Masai people marked its independence despite the increasing difficulties to maintain the traditions of a nomadic people. History tell that the Masai people lived along the Nile River, long before the ancient Egyptians. Their habits, full of values and symbolic meanings, are often hard to understand for settled people ... read more

The Masai live side by side with wildlife: zebras, elephants, rhinos, gnus; accompanied by great predators. A fascinating life, rich in secrets, a life able, so far, to tolerate the changes which come with time, and disruptive civilizations, preserving unaltered the pleasure of regulating life by the rising and setting of the sun.

In 2013 Ngoro Ngoro the Masai won their long struggle to have back part of their land from the government, because as Tanzania P.M. said “they have taken good care of the area since time immemorial”.