Ciralì, Licia Turkey
A place for turtles

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At Ciraĺ, on the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean, time seems to stand still. Here resounds the echo of the ancestral history of humanity. But the story that connects these places with the Caretta Caretta, a rare sea turtle swimming in the waters of the Mediterranean, is much more older. In the heart of the Turkish coast, on Ciraĺ beach backed by the Olympos National Park, WWF Mediterranean promoted an initiative on responsible tourism and organic agriculture, near one of the most important nesting place for the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta). The goals are to maintain the flow of tourism under sustainability levels, to increase organic agriculture production and guarantee turtle site conservation. Our photographers took part in an international press trip to spread the project, giving WWF the images of turtles, wild places and project description.