The ancient European primary forest, Poland

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Located in the heart of the old continent, on the EU border, the Bialowieza Forest is the last large primary forest that once covered all the territories of central Europe. It extends to the border between the temperate-boreal zone the great plains of Belarus. In this area lives a unique mix of plant species of the north and south of Europe. There are over 900 vascular plants, including 26 trees and 138 shrubs. Over 90% of the territory is covered by forests of mixed deciduous and coniferous woods. Unfortunately, what nature conserved for so long, could be destroyed in a short time by man. Despite the fact that since many years Bialowieza is a protected World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the oldest Park in Europe, the consequences of the indiscriminate development and climate change are felt also on the great ancient forest... read more

Can we learn from history?

The tragedy of the extinction of the Bison had been grazed in the past. The terrible consequence of the First World War had profoundly affected these territories and their inhabitants. Shortly before the end of the world war in 1919, the last buffalo had been killed. in 1921, when the Bialowieza national park was born, in the world remained only 54 bison in captivity. The Polish state bought 4 of these to start a project of reintroduction. The experiment was successful, but the struggle for the survival of the largest European mammal continues today.

Despite all these matters the time passes slowly in the primary forest and the large bison moves in perfect harmony with the rhythm of nature, Will man be able to avoid breaking again this harmony?