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The circle of life is taking another turn of the screw, the changing season can be recognize by all senses, the tundra is an explosion of colours , the deer’s screams can be heard from far away, the skin shudders to the first cold, in the air the smell of the sea is brought by the fresh breeze The end of fall is a decisive season for the wildlife that lives in a fascinating and hard land like Alaska, here the winter is hard and doesn’t rescue animal without a successfully strategy to adapt their body to the condition of a temperature so low that hardly permits to the life to go on. A great activity characterizes this season in Alaska. This land in 3 or 4 weeks will look completely different: white and calm for longs months of freeze. But still now, While the light of the sun is getting shorter and shorter day by day and the temperature slowly go down, animals are busy to get ready for the big winter... ... read more

Some animal, like bear, are preparing for hibernation (during winter their temperature of their body will drop, their heartbeat will slow down together with this breathing and they will go through a long deep sleep) eating extra food and storing it in their body as fat. Before the winter-rest, the delicate research for the den must be successfully over. Others animals, that don’t use hibernation as strategy to overcome the winter, are concentrate in looking for food that will be very rare in the cold season, too another important adaptation way adopted by animals living at this latitudinous is the “winter dress”( in many case a new, thicker fur often white as the snow to increase the possible of survival from the attacks of the hungry predators during winter food scarcity) The ones who have the luck to have received from mother nature the wings can fly away and migrate at south, looking for warmer places richer in food, they will back in spring when the big winter will be over and the sun will be back again to warm this magic land.