Castelporziano with its 6000 hectares is an irreplaceable natural area around the Mediterranean Basin. Is in lands like these, among heather woods and natural grasslands, that is still clear the common path, walked, through the centuries, by humans and fallow deer.

Castelporziano was for the fallow deer a safe haven. The low human pressure has guaranteed to the population the increase in number to the point that, during the breeding season, it is the largest group of the old continent. In this period inside lek you can watch the spectacle of the males fighting.

The volume DAMA tells how the history of this animal is closely linked to that of the territory and of the humans. Images and texts of the volume allow not only to learn about the biology of this fascinating animal but, through it, to reveal the most secret places of Castelporziano and the efforts done for the conservation and management of its precious territory.

Field notes and stimulating contributions of the authors tell us stories, best practices and co-existence. The texts, accurate but clear, the evocative images bring the reader on a path to discover the fallow deer, his environment and his travel companions.

The fallow deer, as an elegant dame of the past, runs in the chapters of this book through its history, in harmony with the natural environments of the deepest Mediterranean.

“DAMA, un sentiero in comune”

Publisher: Pandion (2016)

Photography: Roberto Isotti, Alberto Cambone

Text: Fulco Pratesi, Aleandro Tinelli, Marco Apollonio, Roberto Isotti

Size 28 x 24 cm, Hardcover

144 colour pages

Printed on FSC Matt Coated Paper 170 gr

Texts in Italian

ISBN 978-88-89578-31-5

Price: 19 euro (plus shipment costs)

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